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The consortium of the Erasmus Mundus European Master in System Dynamics will support you in all kinds of administrative procedures during your studies:

  • Enrolment: the consortium will assist you with enrolling in the respective universities you have chosen to attend.
  • Housing: in each of the cities of the universities you will attend, housing will be arranged for you after you have been admitted to the programme;
  • Visa/residence permit: after you have been accepted as a student in the European master programme in System Dynamics, details will be provided regarding the visa/residence permit procedure(s) to be followed. In any case we will assist you in applying for a student visa or a student residence permit.
  • Insurance: the consortium will arrange your insurance. This is part of the participation costs payed by self financing students or covered by the Erasmus Mundus scholarships. Your insurance will meet all Erasmus Mundus minimum insurance requirements provided by the European Agency.

After being admitted, all information on adminsitrative procedures will be made available via email.

Below you find the format for the student agreement for EMJMD acholarship holders, EMSD Consortium scholarship holders and self-financing students:

If you have any questions regarding the administrative procedures, please feel free to email the EMSD Team at